About Us

The one thing thats never changed
is Nelsons constant innovation.

From an empty shed in a small Victorian country town, 21 year old Lindsay Nelson engineered the way for his fledgeling company to grow into the largest in its field in Australia.

He achieved his success not through a methodical business plan but rather with an engineering plan for something that would take the rural industry by storm.That invention was the first transportable grain silo.

A product so practical, that it would gradually force its inventor to develop a multi-million dollar engineering comple covering 7 hectares just to keep pace with demand.

A product so efficient, Nelsons burgeoning company had to open a second complex central to another major market. This second Nelson manufacturing complex is in Parkes N.S.W.

A product so unique, that Nelson had to design his own silo transporter to take his products throughout eastern Australia.

The Nelson fleet now consists of ten prime movers, each capable of transporting two 81m3 silos. Today, the company employs over 150 people at peak production. with foresight and total dedication, Lindsay Nelson engineered a huge success. And today, the Nelson organisation still has the commitment to innovative design and product excellence.