Being such a large-scale manufacturer, Nelson always has stocks of standard silos ready for delivery. You can usually have them erected anywhere you want within 10 days of your order. Our freight radius systems ensure cost efficient delivery any where in N.S.W., Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.
(Western Australia - Industrial silos only).
No matter where the silo actually originates.

But Nelsons service and flexibility
doesnt end there.

Nelsons computer design programs can tailor a silo to suit just about any dry bulk storage application from grain legumes, feed and pellet storage for livestock to cement, lime, rubber and sawdust or stainless steel siles for polymers, flour and sugar.


There is now an increased demand for Nelson Silos from the manufacturing sector, purpose built silos in mild or stainless steel designed for a particular application.

With the efficiency of building the silos at Nelsons centrally located factories they can be delivered on time, and at a fixed price.

All Nelson industrial silos either meet or surpass any relevant Australain Standards Association design codes such as ASA 1657 for ladders and catwalks and ASA 3774 Loads on Bulk Solids Containers. Inlet and outlet couplings can be engineered to suit specific filling and conveyor systems.